For banks, insurers and other financial companies, technological development is now an absolute necessity. Their customers expect complex and personalized products at the highest level.
Fintech enters a battlefield where passive companies have failed. Using the latest technologies, it delivers customized products and invents completely new solutions.

Why does your company need technological development?

When properly programmed, digital solutions can help you optimize, reconfigure and innovate your business.

Use data to better understand your customers
Learn about your customers ' behavior patterns through the system and anticipate their specific needs.
Deliver financial products tailored to customers ' needs
Use smart platforms and replace generic products with personalized, timely offerings.
Create consistent, multi-channel banking
Integrate multiple digital channels and expand customer experience through process automation and advanced analytics.
Expand customer service
Provide faster and more efficient customer service with robo-advisors, chatbots and digital assistants for your employees.
Offer more payment options
Expand your portfolio with new opportunities-from electronic wallets, through in-app purchases, P2P payments, to cryptocurrencies and more.
Increase transaction and data security
Protect your customers ' sensitive data with biometric verification, mobile authentication, or code generation applications.
Optimize your company's efficiency and costs
Automate lead sourcing, sourcing, and billing with digital workflows, machine learning, or NLP.
Offer self-service options
Create banking tools that give your customers more autonomy and meet their needs.

Striving for excellence

We create a style for our customers, which qualitatively differs from others and works as an advantage over the competition.


Creative approach

We're not following the standard path we are always looking for a new creative solutions for your projects.


Professionals in their field

We're a tight-knit group of people., who love what they do, it unites us and motivates to go only forward.

Solutions that will grow your business 

Banks, insurers and fintech companies face many challenges today. Our experts will help you find the best solutions and develop fintech products.

Overview of the digital banking pathway
Analyze your configuration and improve your bank's digital customer path. Improve the UX / UI of your apps, websites and virtual assistants.
Developing digital banking tools
Create banking platforms, mobile apps, and other tools that respond to customers ' specific needs.
Automation of financial processes
Use machine learning, NLP, and automatic workflows to streamline tedious tasks in back-office processes and customer service.
Team expansion
Too little technical resources do not have to block the development of your fintech product. Humanit will support you with both consulting and programming services.
Audit of online payments
Use technologies like blockchain to add another layer of security to online payments and protect user data.
Developing a loyalty programme
Gain customer loyalty with tools such as digital assistants, personal finance management, and product comparison platforms.
The idea of the insurance offer
Create insurance products and services that help your customers find protection gaps, review solutions, and provide flexible policies.
Discovery of a new business model
Use the highest technology to create new solutions, such as: Banking-as-a-platform or insurance cloud services.