From administrative management and cost reduction to diagnosis and treatment of patients, technological solutions can improve every aspect of healthcare. Current forecasts show that revenues will triple from 2015 and reach as much as $ 325 billion in 2025. The potential of the online learning market has not yet been fully explored.
Companies and institutions specialised in education should therefore seek to move their services online and continue to make improvements to their e-learning platforms in order to attract a wider audience and increase user engagement.

Digital Acceleration in Education 

Digital transformation is having a significant impact on a wide variety of industries, providing completely new and exciting opportunities, maximizing efficiency, improving collaboration and reducing operating costs. Digital transformation and innovation in schools enable them to:

Attracting a wider audience
Firms are given greater opportunities to reach potential new customers. Moving online allows public institutions to reach people who have limited access to traditional education.
Greater flexibility
People are constantly looking for new perspectives to improve their performance and development. E-learning focuses only on the needs of one specific student, giving them enough time to study and deal with the rest of the tasks.
Cost reduction
E-learning reduces the expenses that are usually spent on renting a place. It also makes learners less exposed to the impact of the environment - they choose their own time and place to study.
Support for learning and process improvement in schools and educational institutions
Employees have the opportunity to participate in online training from anywhere in the world and get real-time feedback from their managers during the course. Properly conducted e-learning can improve a company's profitability.