Specialization and mission of Humanit 

Humanit is a software house. However, we do not work like a typical corporation that follows rigid and outdated rules. The most important thing for us is the amazing effect, and this can be achieved in many ways. Not necessarily the traditional ones.

What do we specialize in?

We direct our services to companies in the fintech, e-commerce, healthcare and education sectors. We help them when they need a team of developers responsible for creating specific IT projects. We select the best professionals to fit the client's needs and provide him real, long-term benefits.

Thanks to a broad base of specialists we realize very large projects for companies from all over the world. Our procedures ensure the highest level of security for projects and data storage.

We will create any IT product

To realize our projects we use proper technologies: javascript, react, react native, vue, php, python, go, java, html, css, scss, django, symphony, laravel, angular, wordpress.

In our team we have many specialists in programming, project management, graphic design and copywriting. Thanks to this we create a collective and are able to realize each project.

We grow in strength

Each employee who joins the Humanit ranks grows with us. The headquarters of our software house is located in Wrocław, but we also have offices in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

We continue to grow our team and look for talented people. One of the many advantages of joining Humanit is the fact that we adjust the work system to the needs and specificity of an employee's work, and not the other way round. We always try to find together the best solution that will ensure comfort of work and will allow us to reach the maximum of an employee's potential.

Our company is at a stage of dynamic growth and we are confident that the best is yet to come.