5 tips to fight fake news on the Internet

The Internet is the most popular source of information today. We can learn anything we want from it. News and publications appear on each topic. It is therefore a boon for our times.

However, there is another side to the coin. Today, anyone can post information on the Internet. And they may not necessarily have good intentions.

However, there is another side to the coin. Today, anyone can post information on the Internet. And not necessarily with good intentions. Because of this, the Internet is also full of lies. Today we will give you some advice on how to fight disinformation and fake news on the Internet.

1. Check source

The information came out of an unofficial profile? Was it written by a private user? Never trust such content implicitly. In this case we have two pieces of advice depending on the situation.

Did the user cite a source? Check the information with the source.

The user didn't provide a source? Look it up and see if it's true.

There is also the risk that a private or anonymous account is trolling, i.e. deliberately spreading fake news. Beware of this phenomenon, as trolls create a lot of confusion.

2. Beware of clickbait

Media workers know how to arouse your interest in the title itself. In the body of the article, you may find that this title is not real. Going for the easy way may mislead you.

3. Check information in several sources

Official media sites also sometimes provide incorrect information. The reason is the race for the fastest news. Check whether two or three other verified sites have also written the same thing. If so, you can consider it to be true with a high degree of probability.

4. Don't pay attention to the number of likes

The popularity of a post is no indication of its veracity. It often happens that a troll will not be verified quickly and will gain several thousand likes. A lot of people do not verify information on the Internet and give likes without thinking. Do not duplicate their mistakes.

5. Think for yourself

This is a very important skill in navigating the internet. In the beginning, it is a good idea to be careful on the Internet. Over time, it will become much easier for you to distinguish truth from fake on your own. Remember not to be guided by emotions. Verification is the key to the truth.

This is very important especially now

The coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine have brought a great many 'experts' and trolls online. The fight against fake news especially today is very important.

Let us together take care of the truth on the Internet.

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