5 Tips. How to build a professional dev team.

The ability to build an efficient and cohesive IT team is the first important skill for business growth. This allows you to plan large projects and work goes much more smoothly.

There are some universal tips on how to consciously build an excellent and aligned team of developers. We will try to list them and describe them as best as possible.

1. Verify your needs

Developers like to know how you envision your dream IT project. Before you build your team, write down your best ideas as a visualization of that project. This should be the first step of team building.

Also answer the question: what and how many programmers do I need? How many front-end, how many back-end, and how many full-stack. Writing down your plans will make it easier for you later on.

2. Match competencies to tasks

All team members need to know the right thing to do. It's important to know each employee's strengths and how to make the most of them.

This makes the team's work faster, more effective and more efficient. The company saves valuable time, and employees are happy when they can do what they feel best at.

3. Show yourself as an attractive employer

Make your offer as attractive as possible. We're dealing with an employee market here, so you need to make an effort if you want to stand out from other companies.

How to do it? Provide an attractive salary, interesting projects, prospects for development and various benefits. Use the power of marketing and the Internet for this. Let your company make a very good first impression.

4. Take care of motivation and communication within the team

Building a team with the right people is the first step. The next will be creating the right environment for them to work in and managing them well.

Always nurture relationships within the team. A good working atmosphere is very important at every stage. It is good for the motivation and happiness of the developers. A motivated employee achieves better results.

5. Mix experience with youth

Your team should be as inclusive as possible, and its members should complement each other.

Giving young people a chance is a very good idea. In our experience, young programmers, working with older ones, can benefit from their experience and develop much faster.Seniors, thanks to this cooperation, have more influence on the team development and feel even more needed.

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