Addressing the need for IT professionals

Poland's IT human resources are able to meet the needs of other countries. We realize that we are able to support those who still need IT at the highest level. We feel obliged to provide this support.

Poland has about half a million IT specialists. It is a very popular and promising industry, so there will be more and more developers. Humanit was created to support other markets and provide them with the highest quality IT services.


The demand for IT professionals is very high

More and more business activities are moving to the Internet. This trend was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, companies around the world need Information Technology support.

There are countries that, despite not having a very large population, have huge business potential. So they want to significantly increase (or even double) IT employment. The problem is that they lack specialists on the labor market. This is where IT outsourcing comes to their aid.

Needs can be met

If a country such as Israel or Norway today lacks professional developers, companies can always look abroad for help. They can find support in Poland, where the number of specialists is much greater. Developers here often look for foreign, ambitious projects.

An organization that wants to bet on technology development may need a professional partner. For what purpose? This partner will take full responsibility for the implementation of the company's IT projects. He will assemble the best team of developers and lead it in the right direction. Humanit can be such a partner for you.

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Any questions?

Do you have a question or want find out more about ours services, please write to us - we will help you to solve it every problem in IT.

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